WATCH: Heart-Stopping Video Shows Boat Teetering Over The Edge Of A Dam

Photo: Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services

A group of women had to be rescued after their electric boat nearly went over the Longhorn Dam in Texas. Rescuers rushed to the scene after receiving a 911 call that the boat was "up against the dam" and was "going to go over" the edge.

According to KVUE, the women rented the boat and got swept up in the strong current. They drifted towards the edge of the dam, but their craft lost power and was unable to fight the current. They called the company they rented the boat from, which dispatched another vessel to help.

That boat got stuck as well, but not before they connected the two boats with a rope.

Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services responded with a gas-powered lake patrol boat and an emergency rescue helicopter. They lowered life vests to the women, who were teetering over the edge of the dam. The rescue workers then tied a line to the second stranded boat and managed to pull both boats to safety after about 15 minutes.

None of the passengers were injured during the harrowing ordeal.

The agency provided multiple updates of the situation as it unfolded and shared a video of the heart-stopping rescue on Twitter.

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