Forecasters Have a New Tool to Evaluate Daily Heat Risk

With another summer knocking on our doors, forecasters are ready to issue more heat advisories and warnings, but this year they'll have another way to help protect residents and visitors.

"For the first time, we'll be able to know how hot is too hot for health, and not just today, but for the coming week, " said National Center for Environmental Health's Dr. Ari Bernstein.

Dr Bernstein says the map is unique because it is designed to look at the relationship between temperatures and emergency room visits.

"When we see a heat risk of yellow, orange, red or magenta, that reflects an incremental increase in the actual health burden we have seen historically in that place, " adds Dr. Bernstein.

Last year heat sent more than 120,000 people to Emergency Rooms.

--> See the map by clicking here

--> Get your local heat risk by clicking here

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